Week Ahead in New York Music: April 2 to April 8

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Monday, April 2, Andrew W.K. at Webster Hall, $25

Ten years later, we're still not sure why I Get Wet didn't make Andrew W.K. one of the biggest rock stars of his generation. That thing should have been the diamond-certified Back in Black of the aughts. Instead, he was deemed too enthusiastic for indie fans and not angsty enough (or at all) for rock radio programs. And to be honest, he never really shook off the suspicion that songs like "Party Til You Puke" and " Party Hard" were high-concept goofs. Unless, of course, you saw him live and realized that he meant every single invocation to shrug off your cares and lose yourself in the music, in the party and in the joy of possibility. He didn't achieve the glory set that should have been his, but it doesn't seem to have damped his spirits. He'll be celebrating 10 years of I Get Wet at this show. Commemorate 'til you puke.

Tuesday, April 3, Wednesday, April 4, Kid Koala's Space Cadet Headphone Experience at Irondale Center, $30

Every parent has an obligation to responsibly introduce their child to hip-hop and comic books. This seems like a good opportunity. And hip-hop heads with bad knees can enjoy the opportunity to lie down while enjoying beats.

Tuesday, April 3, Wednesday, April 4, The Magnetic Fields, Devotchka at Beacon Theater, $35

Stephin Merritt, leader of endlessly malleable indie-pop icons The Magnetic Fields, has been annotating the American songbook for three decades now, exploring ideas about love and bewilderment and occasionally murder in nearly every genre available, from country to noise rock to dance-pop. He's written hundreds of empirically perfect songs, but you'll probably only get to hear 20 or so at the Beacon. But you'll also get to hear his Sahara dry between song banter, which is its own special treat.

Saturday, April 7, Grant Hart At Union Pool, $10

While Bob Mould will be DJing one of his BLOWOFF parties on Friday at Highline Ballroom, his far-less-prolific former Husker Du bandmate, Grant Hart, will make a rare live outing at the intimate Union Pool. He released the album Hot Wax  in 2009, which saw him backed by members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion. Hart's stature has taken a hit over time. He's been far less public than Mould, and has a reputation for being prickly and bitter about his former bandmate's success. But the man was one of the creative engines for one of the greatest rock groups America has ever seen, and wrote "Diane" and "Sorry Somehow," and that's more than enough reason to come out. 

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