Week Ahead in New York Music: Feb. 13 to Feb. 19


Monday, Feb. 13, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, James Blake, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Rahzel, Das Racist at Carnegie Hall, $33

What the what? Is this lineup real? The last time we saw Rahzel he beat-boxed an entire Black Sabbath song. The last time we saw James Blake, the sub-bass knocked over a glass. The last time we saw Laurie Anderson she had a dog named Lola playing keys for her. The last time we saw Das Racist, Heems fell off the stage. Oh also: Philip Glass Philip Glass Philip Glass Philip Glass. We have never seen Dechen Shak-Dagsay but our notion is her traditional Tibetan vocal songs will keep the night centered.  - Dale W. Eisinger

Tuesday, Feb. 14, Anti V-Day Riot Grrrl Cover Bands at Death By Audio, $7

If you don't have a … plan for the night, there's probably worse ways to spend your night. We're sure the political subtext will be illuminating. We do know that Nonstop Sound pal Amy Klein is playing Babes In Toyland covers. Not sure who, if anyone, is covering this. - Michael Tedder

Thursday, Feb. 16, Less Than Jake, Samiam, Plow United, Flatfoot 56 at Brooklyn Bowl, $15

Yeah, yeah, ska-punk #irememberthe90s LOL we get it. Look, this is the Gainesville group's 20th anniversary tour. How many Warped Tour campaigns have these guys survived? How many micro-trends in mall punk have they laughed off? And still they get kids and diehards to come out and skank along to their caffeinated sing-a-longs, so, you know, respect. But I wonder if after 20 years if Jen has decided to like them again?  - MT

Friday, Feb 17, Sleigh Bells, Wet Witch, Black Bananas at Terminal 5, $20

The Brooklyn duo will be playing new songs from their sophomore album Reign of Terror, which will be out next week. We haven't heard it yet, but we will go ahead and assume it will be loud. Like…really loud. We won't say Everything Louder Than Everything Else, because that's Motorhead's slogan, but this is still going to be a really loud show. It will also be a total dance party, because as loud as these guys get, they never hide their love of R&B pop or early '90s jock jams compilations, like Slayer inciting a mosh pit at the C&C Music Factory. - MT

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