Watch: “Circulation,” Thurston Moore


Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore, even on the north side of 50 years old, showed no signs of slowing down on this year's Demolished Thoughts, an anxious but focused folk album that stands as one of the finest of his solo career.

"Circulation" was a good example of the album's virtues: a simple, minor-key acoustic guitar track that alternates between Moore's clipped, imagistic phrases and an ominous cello line, exuding tension and nervous energy.

The video for the track intersperses clips of women in various stages of either free-flowing interpretative dance or some kind of kinetic transcendental meditation with shots of Moore strumming along in a meadow, all hazy, opaque light and '80s-style soft-fades. Check out the Rose Mackey-directed clip below:

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