Topshop Opening … Revealed!

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Alex Matthews

Leave it to the folks at to get a whisper on the wind of the date we've all been waiting for: Topshop's massive store opening in Soho in the spring. According to the folks at The Cut, the sure-to-be-epic opening party will be held on March 26 at 9PM. We've been waiting with baited breath since the opening was originally pushed from the fall 08 to spring 09, and now the moment seems to have finally arrived.

I know we sound gushy but it's Topshop, people! We're drooling just thinking about it: Kate Moss has already signed up for three more years designing for the brand, plus we're on the lookout for . Hell, Christina Aguilera herself is rumored to be designing for them!

Granted, we're as terrified of the lines as you are—seriously, they're going to be worse than the Alexander Wang, Jimmy Choo, and iPhone sales combined (take THAT, H&M!), but we've got our trust lawn chair and our happiness to keep us warm. Heck, they're probably opening in late March with our best interests at heart—no one wants to stand outside in the cold now.

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