Toll Brothers Using Art to Win Gowanus Hearts & Minds?

Bear in mind that there really are people in Gowanus that would rather be chased down the street by a feral, and possibly rabid, Doberman than face the prospect of Bob Toll tossing up luxe condos. That battle over the Toll Gowanus Project will be fought out over time and is bound to get ugly. In the meantime, a tipster sends of photo of a mural that was just put up on of the buildings on the Toll land in question. She writes:

The sign says it's by a local artist, Julia Whitney Barnes, and that is depicts the wildlife found along the canal. It's on 2nd by Bond, right by the Dredgers launch site. It's actually really well done and brightens up the area. I'd love to see more art used by developers to improve the area while it's undergoing construction. Anyway, I was surprised by how well done it was...

Odds on a neighborhood reaction that is quite the opposite? At least, 1000-1 in favor.
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