High Fashion Toy Story 3 Tees

Revolve Clothing

In a surprise move, Disney got some legitimate high design help from the likes of Jonathan Saunders, Costello Tagliapietro, Henry Holland, Cassette Playa and Victor Glamaud for a line of Toy Story 3 T-shirts. Seriously.

We may have promised ourselves we'd never again wear oversized clothing emblazoned with Disney characters, but then again, we never thought this collaboration would happen.  Each designer was tasked with ascribing an abstract graphic to each animated character, pairing Victor Glamaud up with the lead, Woody and Cassette Playa with his buddy, Buzz. 

Priced between $70-$108 at Revolve, they're more expensive than any Disney-branded apparel we've ever worn (which is limited to a Snow White costume), but these do seem to have a slightly more lasting appeal.

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