Street Style: Justine on Prince and Mulberry

With spring approaching, we're just about ready to pack up our winter plaids and flannels, but Justine Bily's knockout red plaid dress (a vintage YSL score) had us reconsidering our storage plans.

Paired with a chic black overcoat and roomy, quilted white tote, there was something tres Parisienne about the ensemble. Indeed, with the addition of a beret and a piping hot cafe au lait, Justine might have walked out of a film noir shoot circa 1942.

Hometown: Seatlle by way of Carmel, California.

Today I'm Wearing: "Vintage YSL plaid dress, Vince pants, although they're way too baggy now, and a men's over coat."

En Route to: "A fashion shoot."

Your SIgnature Style in MIddle School: "Oh my god, I was such a nerd. I'm not even sure I knew what 'style' was. I rode horses. I was always at the barn, so I guess riding pants and mud."

The Best Thing You Bought in The Last Year: "Two things actually -- they're both from the Edwardian period. One vest that has really elaborate details, and then a Civil War jacket."

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