Street Style: Ginger Lights Up the Sidewalk

Catherine Blair Pfander

Amid a sea of black umbrellas, Ginger Warburton stands out like a beacon of light clad in a simple white sundress and teal suede flats.

A living embodiment of "understated," Ginger -- who, we soon learned, works at the famous Williamsburg eatery, "Diner" -- had just biked from her apartment in Bushwick in search of lunch fare.

While Ginger may not have been prepared to choose a favorite sandwich ("I have no idea what to eat!" she laughed), when it comes to clothing, she's obviously making all the right decisions.

"This dress is actually from Urban Outfitters, if you can believe it," she explains. "It just fits me so well. I put it on in the dressing room and was like: 'Yup, getting this.'"

Her teal blue flats, which feature dozens of tiny geometric cut-outs, were purchased while traveling in Austria. "I can't believe how long these have lasted," she says. "I got them five years ago and still wear them all the time!"

Clearly, anyone who looks this pulled-together in the middle of a summer rainstorm is someone whose style we need to steal -- even if it means high-tailing to a remote Austrian boutique.

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