Purse Purge: Karen Walker Keeps Stylish Writing Tools and a “Custom” iPhone

Kiwi-designer Karen Walker is one of few fashion folks creating clothing in two time zones and for two totally opposite fashion calendars, her native New Zealand entering its spring season while New Yorkers begin bundling for fall. Somehow, though, the indefatigable Walker never lets her unusual schedule slow her down: a dependably fabulous sense of style and quirky sense of humor have made her an international style icon. Unsurprisingly, the contents of her handbag were as stylish as she is.

1 - iPhone 4:
"Customized. My geek calls it 'vandalized.' The stickers front and back (chosen at random from my 3-year-old's sticker box) provide instant differentiation from my husband's identical phone.

2 - Hermes Notebook and Montblanc Pen: "In the digital age it's seldom I write notes on paper, but when I do, I like it to be on nice paper and with a fabulous pen."

3 - Topshop Makeup Lip Polish in "Melba" and "Neon Rose" Blush: "Finally, someone's made my perfect lip color! The one I've been searching for for years. And Chanel powder—can't be beat."

4 - Car Keys: "One of those sci-fi ones you never need to take out of your purse, the car just knows it's there and let's you get in and start the engine. Incredible!"

5 - Wallet: "and all it's hidden treasures!"

6 - House Keys:
"On Paris souvenir key ring for no reason except it was the only one I had in the house at the time."

7 - Loose Change

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