Purse Purge: Ina Bernstein Spills her Spring Style Essentials

Ina Bernstein/Catherine Blair Pfander

It's not unusual that we ambush someone on the street about their fantastic vintage Chanel bag only to be answered with an exclamatory, "Oh, it's INA!"

Opened in 1983 by the inimitable Ina Bernstein, her chain of upscale consignment stores has become familiar stomping ground for New York's most stylish citizens. There's not much that Bernstein hasn't seen come through her doors. With over thirty years working in the fashion business, we were eager to see what a vintage maven like Ina has come to identify as her everyday essentials. Lucky for us, she agreed to share her spring style secrets by spilling the contents of her (fabulous) handbag.

Ina's Essentials:

1 - Vintage Pucci Sunglasses
2 - "I always have a book, at the moment I am reading 'Leo & His Circle:The Life of Leo Castelli.'"
3 - "My new favorite lipstick, Tom Ford in 'True Coral'"
4 - "A tube of Papaw ointment, it's amazing! You can only get it in Australia. I use it as a lip balm but it's great for dry skin, scratches, and so forth. You can really use it for anything."
5 - "Although it's spring, it's still chilly so I'm wearing an Isabel Marant scarf—it's perfect for layering."
6 - "Vintage leather driving gloves."
7 - "My old croc bag that carries holds my old Nikon, always with black and white film because I like to shoot on the streets."
8 - "iPhone—standard."
9 - "Instead of a wallet I've been carrying this Balenciaga travel clutch with a million pockets, it keeps me organized!"
10 - "All my keys are on a strand of Agate beads, I got them in Oaxaca."

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