Purse Purge: Designer Lyndsey Butler of VEDA Spills Her Fashion Week Necessities

Lyndsey Butler

The contents of one's Fashion Week satchel are carefully considered: What to bring in case of sudden blood sugar crash while waiting in the 30-minute line at Milk Studios? What fragrance to spritz when in need freshening up between shows? Lyndsey Butler, the designer behind edgy NYC leather brand, VEDA, packs her "Miles" clutch with a curated assortment of necessities to stay organized and stylish amid all the chaos. 

1. Notebook: "Texas-themed Field Notes notebook and a writing utensil for quick sketches and ideas."

2.  Moscot Sunglasses

3. Phone Essentials: "Everyone is always crazy running around the city to different events, so staying connected is most important. Headset for when you are power walking from one presentation to the next and a charger just in case you never make it back to the office."

4. Chanel Wallet: "I love the idea of a great classic wallet, but I am the worst at using one. All the contents just end up at the bottom of my bag. This Chanel one makes me feel like a lady."

5. Custom Jewelry: "My friend Kristen Konvitz just started designing jewelry and this was one of the first things she made me. I am obsessed with this earring and I wear it all the time."

6. Luna Bar: "Nourishment is key. You can't run on coffee all day. Luna bar, S'mores flavor."

7. Library Card: "My library card has become a little less relevant since the shows moved from Bryant Park (and there aren't as many good locations on the west side), but I always liked the option of sneaking off between appointments to the big, quiet, temperature-controlled building as needed." 

8. Beauty Kit: "Nars concealer in Custard, Lipstick Queen in Medieval, Fresh eau de parfum in Pear Cassis, black safety pins for wardrobe malfunctions or a little punk accessorizing." 

9. Emergency Kit: "Aleve for obvious reasons, MetroCard because it's impossible to find cabs and I am not above taking the subway during Fashion Week."

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