Purple Boutique Unveils Designer Collaborations

Few magazines are as sumptuously styled or as (physically) weighty as Purple Magazine, which is why we hustle to our corner newsstand whenever a new issue is scheduled to drop. But if you need a fix of Purple's distinctive cool more often than twice a year, hightail to the Purple Boutique, which features exclusive pieces designed by the likes of Pamela Love and Olympia Le Tan.

Limited editions of Love's jewelry are available (and literally purple) in the form of a sterling silver ring modeled after the designer's own, and a large, crusty amethyst necklace wrapped in a python. We're most intrigued by Olympia Le Tan's miniaudiere, a hand-embroidered replica of John Wyllie's 1950's novel, "Johnny Purple."  Only sixteen were made, and though we're certain it wouldn't match anything in our closet, we would happily rock this bit of vintage lit-inspired chic. Could the "bookworm" be a fall trend?

Shop the collection at Purple Boutique.

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