Project Runway Episode 6: A Little Bit of Fashion

This week on Project Runway, designers - some game, some not so much - were tasked to create children's clothing that was both age appropriate and fashion forward.  As a twist, they then had to pair the little look with a corresponding one for mother.  Guest judge Tory Burch joined the panel to critique the range of final products.

This was a challenge that had Suri Cruise's name all over it, as we watched the contestants miniaturize their vision to fit a bevy of little girls brought in for the occasion.  We half expected Cruise to make a suprise appearance, or, at the very least, one of Heidi's milieu.  That didn't end up happening, but the kids who did appear weren't at all annoying and actually spiced up the runway with their cuteness. 

Naturally, the designers encountered their small subjects with varying degrees of warmth and understanding. 


The winner, Seth Aaron (who is shaping up to be our pick to win the whole thing), created a funky little get-up of leggings, skirt, vest and -- gasp! -- purse that was well made and fit into the fantasies of any little girl with style.  Additionally, his coordinating mommy look was no matchy-matchy Laura Ashley number, but rather, an expertly tailored black and white jacket that judge Michael Kors complimented as the best work they'd seen to date. 

We also loved the other top-three outfits by Jay and Jesse, respectively.  Jay Nicholas spun a spunky little tunic with a ruffle skirt and pockets, whose detailing was emulated nicely on an adult's shell.  Jesse's gray and red dress with darling red wool coat actually reminded us of something we were personally obsessed with as a child and so it won a special place in our hearts. 

A fun change of pace with the addition of children to the mix, and interesting to see how such sophisticated hands responded.  The loser, in the end, was Janeane, whose red bubble tunic and leggings looked cheap -- a quality we knew wouldn't fly with Tory Burch.  The biggest conundrum such a challenge presented came from Amy, whose looks were fairly awful, although a kid's outfit that looks like they got dressed in the dark is really what being a kid is all about, right?

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