Proenza Schouler Premieres Short Film, “Snowballs,” in Paris

Proenza Schouler teamed up with filmmaker Harmony Korine for a second time, premiering the four-minute short, "Snowballs" in Paris last night.

Korine described his inspiration to, saying that the film had its roots in a man the director describes as "'mostly blind, he kept a gun in the freezer, and breathed through a machine at night.'"

Korine goes on to explain that, when he was 13 years old, he witnessed said man "'turn into a goat and run around the living room.'"

It is in that context -- slightly seedy, and completely removed from reality -- that Proenza Schouler's Navajo-inspired Fall 2011 collection comes to life in the film. A haunting, helium-toned voiceover follows two (impeccably-dressed) Indian girls through a downtrodden rural neighborhood, where they encounter a portly old porch-sitter who, at one point, has flames coming from his fingers ("It's my birthday!" he exclaims, and blows them out.)

Proenza's striking printed looks feature prominently throughout the film, whose title comes from a line in the narrator's song: "I've never seen a snowball, I've never seen anything." 

A fashion-inflused film has become de rigeur for most brands of late -- from Alexander Wang to Chanel -- though Proenza Schouler's collaboration definitely conveys a more surreal world than some other more luxurious, lifestyle-centric works.

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