NY Post Readers Incensed Over $500 Rodarte Socks

The NY Post published an article slamming Rodarte's non-washable, $500 socks, available at Opening Ceremony. Are the socks cheap? No. But has anyone bought them? Yes.

Those familiar with the label know that Rodarte, save for their actually uncharacteristic Target collaboration a few seasons ago, are the polar opposite of a mass-produced brand as their gossamer knits and conceptual-contraption ensembles often skew more towards art than apparel. And with that sense of the avant-garde come equally stunning prices, so it's not altogether surprising that a pair of socks made by the brand's designers, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, could retail as much as $500.

The Post had a field day with the audacious creation, allowing appalled city residents to voice their opinions of shame and awe. Fair enough—it's a lot of money for a pair of socks that are "filled with holes" (they feature a very loose, open knit) and spot-clean only, but compare them to a typical Rodarte sweater, which on average goes for upwards of $1,600.

Despite the chorus of naysayers, there is a corresponding market to the limited-edition socks. The folks at Opening Ceremony reported they had, indeed "sold a few pairs" of the three they'd received. We couldn't get more specific details than that, but it could very well mean the flimsy little offenders may sell out.

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