Photographer Spotlight: Franck Sauvaire

You've likely already encountered the work of French photographer Franck Sauvaire in one of Topshop's outrageous lookbooks. Marked for his crystal-clear images -- everything is almost unnaturally in focus  -- and vibrant use of color, Sauvaire is possessed of an "editorial" eye, often directing his subjects into just the right pose, gesture or facial expression to suit the mood of the ensemble.

"I wanted to be an architect," says Sauvaire, who started taking pictures at age 12. Despite his portfolio's distinctly fashion-spread bent, his portraiture is perhaps the most remarkable. When they aren't commissioned, Sauvaire often approaches people in the streets during his travels ad asks to photograph them. The resulting images are gritty, unaffected but somehow uniquely "fashion-y," and stay with you long after viewing.

Though Sauvaire regrets having never been able to photograph his idol, Helmut Newton, he's still optimistic about nabbing a few of his favorite famous faces. "Muhammed Ali and Christy Turlington would be an absolute pleasure," he told us. "He is a legend and she is still the most beautiful of them all."

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