One to Watch: Holy Tee

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Holy Tee

Michelle Zacks began a blog in 2009 devoted to her favorite thing: the T-shirt. Dubbed "Holy Tee," Zacks posted a new photo every day of the t-shirt that was most inspiring her style. "The blog was simply meant to be a creative project for myself that would act as a tribute to my favorite article of clothing," explains Zacks. "Over time, the idea for making it into an actual clothing collection started to develop."

Launched this spring, "Holy Tee" is Zacks' second fashion undertaking (you've likely spotted her lush knitwear creations for Spring & Clifton), but promises to be as spectacular as the first, with extra-soft tees, draped cotton sundresses and ankle-skimming maxi skirts.

"I think a lot of women like to wear clothing that feels casual and comfortable, yet dressy at the same time. It’s a new sexiness," says Zacks, who sifts through hundreds of images and vintage fabric references with her assistant before embarking on a collection.

"For Holy Tee, I always have in mind that I want to create a new, perfect tee each season, as well as explore other silhouettes that can be made from jersey."

Of course, as the official authority on T-shirts, we had to ask if there was one in particular that Zacks would call a favorite. "Let’s just say I wear a lot of tees," she laughs. "I’m wearing my vintage Twisted Sister T-shirt today, and this T-shirt actually inspired the name of a shirt in our Holiday collection, which is a knotted hem tank top."

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