Material Girl Spokesmodel Taylor Momsen Creates Mayhem at Macy's

To celebrate yeserday's Material Girl launch at Macy's, the "face" of the line, Taylor Momsen, and her band The Pretty Reckless, made a musical appearance at the store. And while we thought the morning's promotional events were crazy, the evening concert took the frenzy to a whole other level.

A battalion of press photographers were far outnumbered by the hordes of excited teenage fans, many of whom were under the impression it was in fact Madonna herself who would be performing. While the Pretty Reckless is actually a pretty good jam, would could have noticed?

By the time Momsen took a late start on the stage, we were sandwiched by a group of teenagers who'd taken over the press section, which was not-so-conveniently located to stage left. An inexplicable crush of camera phones and squeals ensued, bodies carelessly shoved us into a clothing rack, and with hardly any time to catch our breaths, we were kicked out of the press section by security as we stammered to explain our credentials.

On the upside, our early exit led to the discovery of Macy's hidden food court (who knew?!).

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