Loft Unveils New Store Prototype, Departs from Namesake Format

Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor's Loft stores will rearrange themselves to create a warmer, more dynamic shopping experience that's more "marketplace" than an actual loft.

Unveiled first in Paramus, New Jersey's 5,500-square-foot store, Loft's new layout has doubled the number of mannequins on display, raised tables and segmented the once overly spacious, one-fell-swoop store floor into a bazaar-like arrangement up front, with two arcades at the side and what the company's referring to as a style closet at the back. 

The new set-up was established to make women more at ease and have more to look at while they're in the store -- which includes the styled mannequins and the back closet with more outfit suggestions to create an interactive experience beyond just displaying the garments -- and Loft execs are hoping it will encourage more movement and productivity within the space. 

Like all retail experiments, it'll likely make its way to New York City last: For now the prototype is being rolled out in Bayside, NY and California, which is fine -- frankly, we (like many other shoppers) were still getting used to dropping "Ann Taylor" from the "Loft" branding, so  we're still getting used to dropping the "Ann Taylor" from the name, so it seems reasonable to let the brand take its time sorting its aesthetic out.

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