Legendary Fashion Photographer Started Off as a Painter, Loves Kate Moss

In addition to the many coveted awards for design that the CFDA will dole out at its annual awards ceremony tonight, the organization also gives out a series of honorary awards to those tastemakers whose body of work have made a particular impact on American fashion.

This year, photographer Arthur Elgort will stand shoulder to shoulder to Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga in being among those to receive an honorary award. Elgort’s award reflects his extraordinary contributions to the world of fashion photography, most especially his work on the pages of Vogue and British Vogue, which focused on more organic, action shots, as well as natural lighting.

Recently, we had the privilege of visiting Elgort’s New York studio, where he told us how he made the jump from painter to photographer. According to Elgort: “It was harder before. Now, everybody can be a cameraman. You still have to be good. If you take a lousy picture, it’s still a lousy picture.”

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