Know Right Now: PoeiOei

African-inspired prints and textures were all over the runways last February, so it's only natural that accessories would start looking rather global, too. PoeiOei, an up-and-coming handbag label from Indonesia, specializes in satchels that use traditional "batik tulis," an intricate hand-woven textile that was popular in the1960's but gradually faded out of fashion. Bright, eccentric, and heavily embellished, there has never been a better moment for these boisterous satchels.

Their latest collection, "Totem," takes inspiration from ancient totemic figures, a theme that comes through in the color-blocked animal faces and tribal embellishments like beading and colorful leather tassles. Most impressive, though, is PoeiOei's ability to make a handbag designed to look like an owl or a lion so astonishgly mature.  Far from "junior," the faces of the totem critters look more like meticulous geometric patterns than members of the animal kingdom.

But if you generally prefer not to have a pair of eyes (even hand-sewn ones) adorn your accessories, opt instead for the "dumpling bag," which is shaped--as the name suggests--like a plump dough ball, and embellished with a bright woven drawstring.  To order, contact

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