Heidi Klum for New Balance Launches on Amazon Next Month

Daisy Zerfas/Reading, Mass.

Supermodel, supermom, and all around superwoman Heidi Klum will launch Heidi Klum for New Balance sportswear exclusively on Amazon October 7.

Although she's a beautiful, red-carpet fixture, it makes sense that this working model, television host, producer, and business mogul would launch a line of leggings, tunics and jackets, clothing more apt for her lifestyle as mom of four on the run.

The fact that the line will be available exclusively via an Amazon boutique speaks further to the brains behind the beauty. Busy ladies shop for basics online, after all. At with its practical price points, ($32 - $168) the line is sure to be a hit. We predict the collaboration will be a tremendous moneymaker for all.

Naturally, Klum also fronts the print and viral ad campaign, which should start trickling out soon. Forgive the pun, but Klum's version of a mom who does it all really is the definition of a New Balance.

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