Report: Former Dolce & Gabbana PR Maven to Plead Guilty Today

Manny Margot
Getty Images

Ali Wise, the former director of publicity at Dolce & Gabbana, will reportedly take a felony plea today on charges that she used special software to hack into the voicemail of several alleged victims, according to The New York Post.

The blond PR maven was accused last year of using a software called "SpoofCard" to hack into the voicemails of several alleged victims -- some of whom had apparently dated her ex-boyfriend. The ensuing media storm following the investigation and her arrest led to her leaving Dolce & Gabbana and facing down not one, but four accusers in court. The end result appears to be her decision to cop a felony plea, which, according to the Post, will most likely result in community service and probation -- no jail time.

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