First Look: Christian Siriano for Payless

Christian Siriano's fresh-off-the-runway heels may give McQueen's epic platforms a run for their money -- for those brave enough to put their feet into them.

The physics-defying footwear debuted on Siriano's Spring 2010 runway, and the fashion world reeled -- could those shoes really be sold at Payless? It seemed like madness, and then when a shipment of Siriano's shoes hit Payless right before the new year, with no curled heels to be found, we were pretty convinced that the runway looks were one-offs.

Boy, were we wrong. The wild, watercolor-and-sequin embellished platforms from the runway are scheduled to hit stores in mid-March, according to Nitro:licious, retailing for a mere $79.99 a pop (compared to what we imagine McQueen's shoes will retail, that's a bargain).

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