Fendi Wins Settlement from Filene’s Basement


Fendi will collect $2.5 million from Filene's Basement's bankruptcy estate by the end of the month, in a counterfeiting settlement that's just the beginning for the luxury goods house.

According to the settlement, the defendants, which includes Filene's Basement parent company Retail Ventures, must pony up the dough and are from here on prohibited from selling anything Fendi without written permission. 

In the meantime, Fendi's got similar suits in progress with Burlington Coat Factory. Essentially, as a report by WWD outlines, the courts seem to be sifting through legalities from the actual counterfeiting of goods to gray market activities wherein goods produced overseas are illegally traded in, and that sort of thing. Fendi has already received $4.7 million from Burlington for contempt, and awaits word on counterfeiting damages on top of that.

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