Designer Douglas Hannant Implies Jason Wu Copied His Dress

This holiday season has already seen one copycat report in Derek Lam sending a cease and desist letter to Ivanka Trump and her licensee, Marc Fisher Footwear, for allegedly copying one of his designs, but this week brings a new one: Sources apparently told Page Six that one of the dresses from Jason Wu's Pre-Fall 2012 collection looks "curiously similar" to a dress from designer Douglas Hannant's Fall 2011 collection.

What's more, Hannant himself unleased a zinger in the tabloid, telling Page Six: "If I knew that Jason Wu liked my dress so much, I would have sold it to him." 

The dresses certainly do bear certain similarities, though designers have been known to borrow from each other from season to season, and this at least doesn't seem to be an exact replica. Then again, there's a fuzzy line between inspiration and copying. Most importantly, Hannant doesn't seem from the Page Six report to be interested in taking legal action, but rather unleashing barbs in the press.

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