Daffy's Looks to Add Stores

Business is apparently quite good for Daffy's, New York's seemingly ubiquitous discount retailer, as evidenced by the retailer's plans to add more stores to its growing roster.

We don't hit up Daffy's as often as we should, but apparently others do.  The privately owned company has experienced gains under the economy's recent strain has sent shoppers looking for deals and is in the market to add more stores.

While vacancies are up and subsequently, rents at shopping malls down to pave the way for such growth, the other side of the argument, as reported by Crain's, lies in the reduction in overall goods in the marketplace and proliferation of low-priced competition that don't guarantee a homerun for Daffy's, or others like it. Considering the aggressive growth plans across a pantheon of discount chains -- from Daffy's to Norstrom's Rack -- it seems unlikely that everyone will hit their marks.

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