Celine Designer Phoebe Philo Doesn’t Like Interviews, Shopping

phoebe philo
Getty Images

While Celine designer Phoebe Philo has traditionally shied away from interviews, she was unusually candid in a recent sit-down with the Independent, expressing disdain for everything from redundant interviews to clichéd catchphrases and shopping.

Philo described her own style as "a bit butch," which seems a bit self-deprecating considering her pared-down uniform has served as the inspiration for the widely-coveted minimalist look she's infused into Céline. But as far as Philo is concerned, design overall needn't be muddled with words:

"I think that the clothes say it all much better than I can. I always find it strange after a show when everybody comes backstage and says: 'What was it all about'? It's like: 'You've just seen it. What do you mean?' My instinct is to say: 'What did you think? What did you get from it?' And yet they want you to fill in even more. To me, the show is quite a complete story. There's nothing more for me to say and, anyway, it doesn't matter what it was meant to say. It's out there. It can be whatever anyone watching it thought it was, surely."

Note to prospective interviewers: Come up with something original when you meet Ms. Philo backstage.

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