Alexander Wang Lawsuit Will Reportedly Move to Federal Court

Weeks after news broke that designer Alexander Wang was the subject of a $450 million law suit brought by former employees, the Post is reporting that the lawyers behind the suit are seeking to discontinue the case -- though that doesn't necessarily mean good news for the designer.

The suit, which alleges that Wang's workers were exposed to sweatshop-like working conditions, was filed initially at Queens Superior Court on behalf of former employee Wenyu Lu. Now, the lawyer in the case, Ming Hai, tells the Post that he is withdrawing the case, which "will be refiled in federal court and handed off to a lawyer specializing in labor law." So while the case may be in flux for the time being, it has the potential to escalate further should said labor law specialists pursue the case aggressively.

The folks at Alexander Wang continue to strongly deny the allegations, telling the Post: "The claims of sweatshop conditions were completely and utterly untrue in every respect."

Considering the massive damages attached to the suit, as well as the potential for serious damage to Wang's reputation, it makes sense that the Alexander Wang company will make strong moves to fight the suit, should it be brought to federal court.

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