This Woman Has the Worst Commute Ever

The next time you throw an internal hissy fit because the subway train isn't coming for another twelve minutes, think about this woman, who every day goes through what may possibly be the worst commute in the annals of human travel.

To get to Five Towns College in Dix Hills from her home in Brooklyn, 21-year-old Tameeka Henry "takes a dollar van, a city bus, the subway, two Long Island Rail Road trains and a Suffolk County bus" between two and five days a week, which can take nearly four hours each way.

What, there weren't any canoes or hot-air balloons you could work into that routine? That's one truly grueling commute, but luckily Tameeka has at least earned a scholarship to cover the costs. Plus, she can probably get through more books in a month than most people do in their lives.

Extreme Commuter: Canarsie to Long Island, almost four hours a trip and $26 a day [Urbanite/amNY]

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