The Week Ahead in NY Music: Jan. 23 to Jan. 29

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Tuesday, Jan. 24 at Mercury Lounge, Wednesday, Jan. 25 at Glasslands, Wintersleep, $10

There's a temptation to make a play on words involving this Halifax rock group and a warning against ignoring them, invoking a popular slang term for not paying enough attention. But we fought off that temptation, and decided to be direct. Wintersleep are a very good group from Canada that mixes the kind of drenched-in-reverb, echo-laden sound the kids like with hot-blooded classic rock hooks and groove. They do this very well, and make it seem strange that more bands don't shoot for this sort of mix. Both of these small venues will be filled with sound. Make sure you're there. -Michael Tedder

Wednesday, Jan. 25, Rain Machine at Zebulon, donations

TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone played out solo last week, trying to drum up more funds to support the ailing Jonathan Toubin. His Rain Machine project constitutes a prismatic side to his band proper's wonked-out pop. To see stadium-worthy names in a venue as intimate as Zebulon should be a real revealing and intimate treat.  Superfans unite! -Dale W. Eisinger

Thursday, Jan. 26, The So So Glos, Sundelles, Liquor Store, The Pharmacy at Glasslands, $10

Are we really going to get to see Brooklyn's Bay Ridge Levine brothers The So So Glos somewhere other than Shea Stadium? Jests aside, as long as The Glos stay out of jail until Thursday, they'll be the centerpiece of an absolute party at Glasslands. The Glos' main man Patrick Stickles, of Titus Andronicus, will DJ the night. Fellow Jersey rockers Liquor Store offer support. Their album Yeah Buddy was one of 2011's undeniable sleepers, loud and pissed and joyous all at once. Similarly service-named act The Pharmacy open, along with Sundelles. -DWE

Thursday, Jan. 26, Antony and the Johnsons at Radio City Music Hall, $35 to $90

We told you that Antony would be headlining Radio City Music Hall, and that it would be FANCY. There are going to be a 60-piece orchestra, classical-minded reinterpretations of his back catalog and a highfalutin' light installation, courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art. This all sounds very nice and cutting edge. It is also not strictly necessary, as Antony Hegarty's voice is a thing of unvarnished beauty, and more than enough to fill out Radio City on its own. Also, his back catalog doesn't need to be tinkered with to sound epic. Antony sings like he is ripping things out of the guts of the collective unconsciousness that we are not ready to deal with just yet. But, you know, we're sure the strings will be very pretty as well. -MT

Saturday, Jan. 28, Real Estate, Black Dice, The Babies, Dogleather, Oneohtrix Point Never (DJ Set), Ducktails (DJ Set) at K&K Super Buffet, $5  

This is quite a lineup here, gathering together a critical favorite seemingly on the verge of a mainstream breakthrough (Real Estate), a reliable noise music bellwether (Black Dice), an "it" headphone electronic music dude (Oneohtrix), a buzzed-about newbie (The Babies) and a band with a funny name (Dogleather), all for $5. But what really caught our attention is that this show is taking place at a Chinese buffet in Ridgewood, Queens courtesy of D.I.Y. sensei Todd P., for whom no length is too far to go to in order to bring all-ages shows to the people. Come for the music, stay for meals that have critics raving. -MT

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