The New York Times Visits Oscar de la Renta

Cindra Wilson visits Oscar de la Renta's Madison Avenue shop

In a move that might strike others as, well, odd, intrepid reporter Cindra Wilson this week abandoned the downtown habitats of the newly crowned recessionista for a more expensive retreat uptown ... Oscar de la Renta's gilded shop on Madison Avenue.

Why, you might ask? Well, frankly, it's got us scratching our heads too. Even the start of the article is bizarre, as the aforementioned reporter drags herself out of her bed in crappy weather in a terrible mood: "But Elegance must always win in the cage match against Despair, and therefore one must drag oneself out of the customary fetal position and subway uptown to investigate luxurious clothing, however unaffordable."

Spoiler alert: Her day gets way better as her foray into the cocoon of luxury that is the Oscar store envelopes her in its sweet, sweet silkiness. In fact, "better" might be a serious understatement, considering the gushing lovefest that ensues. "I stared agog ..."; "I was really impressed ... ; and finally, "hanging out in that little oasis was intoxicating enough to boost my spirit."

She even quoted Keats. It's really insane. You should all read it.

But warning: At no point does this writer for arguably one of the most important papers explain WHY she chose—of all the places to go right now, in this time—she chose to frequent one of the most prohibitively expensive stores in the city. Is she trying to remind us of the importance of aspirational fashion?

Is she arguing for high-level boutiques' place among the art galleries of Madison and 5th? We get it, but ... some kind of thesis seems appropriate at this stage. Are we wrong?

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