Sunset Park Taco Crawl

Chorizo, grilled steak, crispy things involving spicy pork, and nothing over $2.50. Yes, please.


The lure of autentico $1.50 tacos is pretty strong for us, recession or no recession, so we ate up every word of blogger NYC Food Guy's epic quest to find the very best cheap food along Sunset Park's largely Mexican Fifth Avenue strip. Head over to his blog for details on every last bite, including tantalizing close-ups of griddled steak stuffed into handmade corn tortillas, oozing with thick crema and a fluttering of slivered cilantro. He also waxes gastronomic about a pambazo sandwich (there's spicy pork involved, and refried beans and queso, but it's complicated), calling it nothing short of revolutionary. Is it wrong to salivate on one's keyboard?

We can only hope NYC Food Guy returns to Brooklyn's highest neighborhood to cover that other cheap-eats bonanza: 8th Avenue's Chinatown.

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