Schaefer Landing Sabbath Parking Ticket War in Burg

We're not sure where the Traffic Enforcement division of the NYPD sends people when they want to assign them the worst possible duty imaginable, but we'd figure it could involve Canal Street at rush hour. The reason we bring this up is because someone (or a number of people) nearly started a war on Kent Avenue at and near Schaefer Landing by switching parking rules during the Sabbath and then handing out more than 90 tickets. This happened at 6:30 AM Saturday, when observant Jews are forbidden to drive their cars. So, they got $115 tickets. The change is part of the long-term plan to build a bike lane, which is another neighborhood favorite. The next development in this sordid tale will shock everyone. There was a demonstration in front of Schaefer Landing yesterday afternoon by outraged Orthodox residents and all the summonses are being dismissed. If you're on Canal Street today, look for the really surly looking traffic officers or, possibly, for the people stationed on streets that dead end at Newtown Creek right near the Sanitation truck depot waiting to write parking tickets.
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