Register Your Inauguration Gown!

Inauguration tickets? Check. Hair and makeup appointments? Check. Killer gown? Check. But wait! What if ... horror of horrors ... someone else at the ball is wearing the exact same dress as you?! Oh, the humiliation! It'd be so, so much worse than that episode of 90210 where Brenda and Kelly showed up in the same dress to prom. Seriously guys, this is so much bigger than high school. This is, like, the turning point of the nation, dudes, and you do not want to be showed up by some DuPont Circle poseur.

Enter: (And thank you so much, ever-reliable New York Post, for pointing it out to us!) This web site allows you to register the gown you plan to wear on their database of upcoming events—whether you're going to the Dinner Party for Mr Rabell or the Freedom Ball!

Sadly, it's not as high-tech as we had initially dreamed—there's no option, for example, to photograph yourself in the dress in front of a mirror and upload it—but it is certainly helpful. One entry for included a Carmen Marc Valvo dress described as "Pistacho/Gold chiffon cocktail dress with lace jacket." We might have preferred the user to end with: "Hands off, beeyatches!" But that's just us. And anyway, we respect a lady's desire to be unique. We'd rather go with this other Carmen Marc Valvo option we found at Saks anyway. Lady in red!

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