RackedWire: Uniqlo's Drawers, Eve's Goodbye Sale

SOHO—The saying goes that women's hemlines fall when the economy's bad. Well, what then to make of men's lowering waistbands? We ask because last night we noticed a preponderance of low-rise boxers at Uniqlo. Now, we don't visit the men's underwear section there very often, so it is unclear as to how new a development this is. Pushing the low-rise does seem like a step in a different direction, doesn't it? [RackedWire]

WEST VILLAGE—Eve Salon is saying goodbye to Bleecker Street with a week of cut-price services. The shop, which is being displaced by a Kate Spade boutique, will be offering 25 to 50% off of waxing and manicure services from Monday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 28th. They plan to reopen in October at 55 West 8th Street. [RackedWire]

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