Q-Tip Drops Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Via Twitter

UPDATE:  Looks like the tweets referenced below have been deleted from the Abstract's Twitter account.  Stay tuned.  This story isn't over yet.


We've been bringing you word on the impending Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, the free mixtape they've been offering up, and any developments therein, including A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip and his headlining set coupled with his day of curated events.

So it bums us out to announce the following:

Without explaining why, without the knowledge of his manager or publicist, Q-Tip tweeted a bow-out to his headlining set, scheduled to go down in a couple weeks. In fact, the tweet said the entire thing was canceled, which was a devastation -- he later rescinded, saying he "can't make it."

This was a huge surprise to fans, not to mention the show's promoters and Q-Tip's people.

Sources close to the festival were totally miffed at Q-Tip's choice of medium. The emcee/producer was set to curate an entire day of music, billed as Q-Tip and friends. Word is, if he's really out, there are back-up plans already in the works.

He's never really been a rash guy, always thoughtful, so we'll see how this one pans out.

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