Pitchfork 3D Launches With Help From Deerhunter

For those of you living under a rock with the scrubs from the GEICO commercials, Pitchfork (dot com) is the accepted barometer of cool in the indie rock world. The site has the ability to launch careers and at the same time assist in stunting them. The indie world accepts Pitchfork's offerings without question and its opinions remain paramount.

So what are we as iPod toting, chai latte sipping, skinny jean wearing hipsters supposed to think when the latest entertainment technology crazy infiltrates our outer walls and gains acceptance by the great and power Pitchfork? For now, I’m going to fall in line and say that today’s launch of the Pitchfork 3D series on Pitchfork.tv is pretty cool.

After a couple of in-store screening to help celebrate last Saturday’s Record Store Day, today marks the official launch of the Pitchfork 3D series. The first installment is a video of Atlanta’s devilishly ambient four-piece Deerhunter, who perform the B-side “Primitive 3D” off their last record Halcyon Digest.

Pitchfork.tv promises three more episodes featuring different artists that they plan to roll out over the next month. In the event you missed the in-store screenings and don’t have a pair of 3D glasses kicking around your apartment, curious folks can pick up a pair of shades at Cake Shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan or you can purchase a pair via Amazon.

Now strap on your glasses, sit back and get weird. The full video for Deerhunter's "Primitive 3D" is below:

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