Petraske File: Mercury Dime Bankrupting Soon-To-Be-Private Milk & Honey

We figured the lack of a liquor license at Sasha Petraske's Mercury Dime would be a financial setback given the rents on East 5th Street, but we had no idea just how bad it was. Petraske tells us that losing thousands of dollars a month on his struggling coffee shop is practically bankrupting his other operations. Perhaps that why he's done so many consulting projects in addition to opening his new absinthe bar White Star, a new forthcoming bar in Los Angeles, and his project in Long Island City that's on the verge of debuting, Dutch Kills. After community board 3 passed a final rejection on his proposal last night, his only hope for serving wine at the MD is the SLA, a long shot. Yet, given his other prospects, we're guessing Petraske will land on his feet somehow.

In other, somewhat shocking Petraske news, he tells us he plans to soon turn Milk & Honey into a private social club. Since news of the M&H number changes are always so widely publicized instead of spreading slowly through word of mouth, he's going to take new, more drastic measures to keep the space exclusive.

But not so at White Star. Expect extended hours, wifi, and, get ready, tea sandwiches, in the coming weeks.
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