Obama's Inauguration Night Tuxedo Revealed!

According to WWD, the last time President-elect Barack Obama bought a new tuxedo was 15 years ago. Which leads us to believe the man has good taste (that tuxedo lasted, right? Better than imagining him wearing some ratty old suit—though that's slightly endearing, too). With his inauguration around the corner, guess Obama decided it was time to break out the plastic and buy something new. In classic support-American-business fashion, he'll be wearing a union-made tuxedo by Hart Schaffner Marx on January 20th. Even better, the line is apparently based out of his old home base of Chicago! WWD did its research, discovering the the firm, "founded in 1883, was one of the first clothing companies to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with a union in 1911." Nice! If this is any hint of things to come, Obama certainly does his research before making important decisions—which should be a welcome change in 2009.

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