Whitney Port Hates Cabs, Loves New York's ‘Fresh Air'

She HEARTS New York.

Whitney Port isn't letting the holidays get in the way of promoting her new show The City, which premieres on MTV this Monday. And because she is one of the Most Important People in the World, interviewers are just dying to know what happens when you uproot a California girl whose lifestyle revolves around driving a BMW two blocks to get coffee and plop her down in a city where people, um, walk. (In heels. On cobblestone.) "I love everything about it right now," Port optimistically tells the Associated Press. "Except for the cab situation." And we have to ask, what is this "situation" you speak of, Whit? Perhaps it's the fact that you can barely find one in the Meatpacking District where your Diane Von Furstenberg office is located, or how they hustle you out of money by taking the "shortcut," or maybe it's the smell? Because you can't possibly be bothered by the traffic, since that's L.A.'s Highway 101 tramp stamp. And surely you don't live in Brooklyn. So what's the cab issue?

Port boasts higher spirits, however, about other aspects of this town. At Monday's wrap party for The Hills, she said she loves the "fresh air" of Manhattan. Girl, what you smell is not fresh, nor are we sure it's technically "air." But hey, at least it's nice to see that this town hasn't turned you hard. Yet.

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