WHAT THE FRO, YO: Pinkberry and Red Mango Will Face Off in Pomegranate Battle

Pinkberry has just let us know that it's launching ITS OWN POM WONDERFUL POMEGRANATE FLAVOR on November 21, just a week after Red Mango debuts its Pom Wonderful flavor. It’ll replace its coffee flavor — which doesn’t taste much like coffee, but is like soft-serve crack when you sprinkle chocolate chips on it. How have the folks over at Pom Wonderful managed to pull off this incredible feat of marketing genius?!! (Look at this — we’ve already mentioned Pom Wonderful THREE TIMES in this post, and we’re about to mention it a fourth time!!) It must be asked — did Pom Wonderful two-time someone? Given that Red Mangos and Pinkberrys open across from each other so often, and are now sharing a flavor that we find hard to believe anyone really likes, are they just the SAME EXACT COMPANY, posing as competitors to drum up press coverage? And will this further infuriate fro-yo historians who claim Pinkberry swiped Red Mango's tart flavor? Needless to say, a taste test is in order.

Correction: A rep for Pinkberry initially told us that the company's pomegranate flavor will be made with Pom Wonderful, but this turns out to be incorrect. (That did seem weird!) We hope to get more information on the flavor directly from the higher-ups at the 'berry.

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