Susur Lee Is Lacking at Shang; L'Artusi Draws Mixed Reactions

Susur Lee makes a pretty plate, but Frank Bruni isn’t as impressed with Shang’s flavors: “Much of the food is busy and unfocused, and I sometimes had a better time gazing than grazing on it.” [NYT]
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Jay Cheshes is kinder to L’Artusi than our own Adam Platt, but not by much: “There’s an earnest, homey quality to some of the … dishes, which might have been endearing if they weren’t so hit-and-miss.” [TONY]

L’Artusi has some rough edges, Ryan Sutton concedes, but it’s cheap enough that you won’t mind. [Bloomberg]

Steve Cuozzo tells you how to get a free dinner at eighty one, a restaurant that “serves the Upper West Side's best food ever.” [NYP]

Danyelle Freeman prefers the galettes at Bar Breton over all else: “The best dishes on the dinner menu are items you'd order for breakfast.” [NYDN]
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The hotzak (cold) items at Txikito can be skipped in favor of more delicious options, advises Lauren Collins. “At these portions and prices — it’s at least six plates to a full stomach — a lacklustre dish feels like a squandered opportunity.” [NYer]
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Robert Sietsema hits five pupusa joints in Jamaica this week, all in the name of research. His favorites were served at El Comal on Hillside Avenue. [VV]

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