Sass & Bide Drop Out of New York Fashion Week

Australian label Sass & Bide won't show at New York Fashion Week next month for the second season in a row. Sarah-Jane Clarke, who heads business operations for the label, just had her third baby boy on New Year's Eve, whom she named Ziggy, in case you were wondering. Apparently she's too busy with Ziggy and her other two kids to put on the fall 2009 runway show. We don't know what her best friend and the label's designer, Heidi Middleton, is up to (babysitting?), but we wonder if Ziggy is the only reason for the show cancellation. Not that caring for a newborn is a lousy excuse to skip the season (far from it), but as we've noted before, the economy is the elephant in every room these days.

We don't know how much more news like this we can take. Our Fashion Week is falling apart at the seams. It's like looking forward to a carefully planned tropical vacation, and then finding out you can't do all the things you wanted to do because a hurricane just wrecked everything, and they don't know if they'll be able to fix the leak above your bed.

Sass and Bide withdraw from NYC Fashion Week [Daily Telegraph via Fashionista]

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