Running in Heels Might Be Worth Watching

Running in Heels premieres March 1 on the Style network. It's the reality show about Marie Claire that focuses on three interns who live together in a loft in Soho. But it's not just a Stylista knockoff — the point isn't to kick people off, and, aside from the whole living in a fancy loft in Soho bit, Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles said the series strives for a documentary-like feel. You know, like the Style network's unrivaled Life in the Fab Lane, starring Kimora Lee Simmons.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Heard on the Runway blog, Running in Heels is chock-full of celebrity appearances by people like Molly Sims and Heidi Klum. In the first episode, the magazine throws a party to celebrate the arrival of Nina Garcia as fashion director. Joanna freaks out when Lindsay Lohan refuses to get out of her car because there's no blown-up poster of her magazine cover from that month. Her life is tough.

And then there's the bitchiness! The interns are told not to speak unless spoken to, which sounds like something someone would just say for TV but nonetheless greatly amuses viewers like us. Joanna says she was surprised by the amount of crying in the office. “People say extraordinary things to interns … things that I had no idea people said and sound to me completely ridiculous. I’ve talked to people and said, ‘You know, that’s really not appropriate, I’m surprised that you would say that and I’d expected more of you,’” she adds.

Now all this show needs to really take off is some sort of love triangle. Hopefully the interns get drunk at a party and make out with each other's boyfriends. Or each other. Any sort of Real World- or City-esque debauchery.

Style Network’s ‘Running in Heels’ Aims For Documentary Look at Fashion [Heard on the Runway/WSJ]

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