Rem Koolhaas Designed a Fabulous Transforming Building for Prada

A rendering of the Prada Transformer.

Chanel canceled its fabulous traveling portal of luxury, the Mobile Art Exhibit designed by Zaha Hadid, because of the economic downturn. But Prada has a starchitect building of its own under construction in Seoul (remember, things are looking up in the Asian market) called the Prada Transformer. Rem Koolaas designed the tetrahedron-shaped "transformative building," which he describes as a "dynamic and living organism." That means it changes shape to suit the event it's hosting. Luxist explains:

The 65-ft. high tetrahedron is composed of four different shapes, a hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle. "Once a month, cranes will lift and rotate the structure into a different facade and floor plate configuration," the Korea Times reports. "When rotated, each side will be the venue of a different cultural program." On the outside, the entire structure will be wrapped with an elastic translucent membrane.

So basically, this building is an amoeba (sorry, the word "membrane" gives us biology-class flashbacks) except instead of nuclei, golgi apparati, and ribosomes, it's filled with art, movie, and fashion exhibits. We want to go.

All Systems Go for Koolhaas' Prada Transformer [Luxist]

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