Fashion Scandal Strikes Lipstick Jungle

Fashion houses often send celebrities, magazines, and TV shows pieces with the understanding they'll be sent back when the receiving party is done with them. Maybe the items won't be used other than for gleeful private preening in the fashion closet, but at least they go back wrapped in plastic in pristine condition. We're guessing Lipstick Jungle stage manager Arthur Moreira wasn't familiar with this fashion-borrowing etiquette, because he was just arrested for allegedly plundering the show's fashion closet and selling the items online. Designer Sylvia Toledano's employees got wind of his scam when they found several items they had lent to Lipstick on eBay. The police, clearly realizing the severity of these crimes and the bad name it could give to fashion borrowers everywhere, set up a full-blown sting operation to catch Moreira that involved buying the stolen items at his apartment. Items stolen included sequined mosaic clutches, an Oscar de la Renta snakeskin bag, and Gucci coats. This is why only the strongest souls should work in fashion — the goods entice all of us, yet we must remember shame always outlasts temptation.

Stage manager accused of theft from 'Lipstick Jungle' [CNN]

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