Eleven-Year-Old Critic? Try Five-Year-Old TV Chef!

Yes, we’re kind of sick of the kiddie-foodie trend, but this is just adorbs! Check out 5-year-old Julian Kreusser hosting The Big Kitchen With Food on Portland public access. Aside from little Julian’s “boom goes the dynamite”–style catchphrases (e.g. “we’re going to whisk it up with a whisk”), our favorite part comes around 6:40 when he spends a full minute squeezing honey out of a bottle. NPR, of course, has already interviewed the munchkin, but who can blame 'em for child exploitation — this kid is far more entertaining than the cheftestants who tried their hands at TV cooking.

Big Kitchen With Food: a five-year-old's cooking show [Boing Boing]

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