Christina Aguilera to Do Topshop Line?

We've seen rumors about this in the British tabs before, but it's back, so here goes: Topshop owner Sir Philip Green is reportedly wooing Christina Aguilera to design a collection for his chain. The enormous success of Kate Moss's line shall not stand alone. A source tells the Mirror, “Philip loves her style and believes she would add something new to TopShop. Christina is the blonde bombshell who is into pop whereas Kate is the rock chick and model." Thanks for clearing up their occupations, anonymous source. On that note, we've been thankful that Christina has avoided designing things people can wear for some time. If we do say, she seems to be in the midst of a fashion/image crisis right now. The Studio 54 jumpsuits and Hot Topic lingerie she wears onstage, the permanently bold lip color, the thick black eyeliner she probably tattooed on in secret — it's like she landed at a Madonna concert from Planet Moulin Rouge and thought that was how we do things on Earth. Well, Moulin Rouge came out at the end of the VHS era for goodness sake. Upgrade yourself, honey!

Top Shop boss ready to sign Christina Aguilera in £4million deal to design new fashion range [Mirror]

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