Chow Exposes the Overexposed: Is Beef Jerky Next?

In it’s Year in Food roundup, Chow gives Grub Street a hat-tip for identifying the moment when bacon jumped the shark. We can only wonder: Will jerky be next now that we have a beef-jerky blog, beef-jerky mustaches, and the latest, beef-jerky handbags? Also overexposed: fro-yo (well, duh), Rachael Ray (double duh), and novelty pancakes and pickles. (Chow points out that the Pickle Sickle was reported on by the Washington Post and the Times, but ahem — you heard about it hear first!) Besides, we disagree that pickles are overexposed. In fact, this video depicting the “Carol of the Christmas Pickle” only makes us want to see even more of them!

Year in Food 2008 [Chow]

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